Social networking

Social Media Integration
So you write a blog, have a facebook profile and a myspace page, but find it a bit of a drag to keep everything up to date.  Here are some ways of integrating various profile to cross promote and create content. Facebook Using the twitter app, facebook and twitter statuses can be synced. Use twitter […] Read more – ‘Social Media Integration’.
Friendfeed – am I missing the point?
  I have been playing around with the next flavour of the month friendfeed.  For the uninitiated, friend feed allows users to aggregiate all the social media feeds into one place, see my friend feed here friendfeed.com/trevorginn. Friendfeed has the following difference to other aggregator sites (or certainly plaxo and facebook) The friend feed can […] Read more – ‘Friendfeed – am I missing the point?’.
On Twitter
  I had never used twitter much until the last few days and I am getting quite into it.  I think it is a great tool for the following reasons: Communicating with friends and colleagues.  By using twitter, you can broadcast your activities to an interested audience, promoting activities such as blogging or speaking engagements. […] Read more – ‘On Twitter’.
Launch of Hello Baby Network – a Social Network for Parents
  Alongside my new online baby shop, I have launched a networks for parents called Hello Baby Network. The site is run using ning.com, a service which allows people to build their own social networks.  The idea is to provide a build a social network around the shop allowing customer to meet people with similar […] Read more – ‘Launch of Hello Baby Network – a Social Network for Parents’.
eBay Facebook App
  eBay has just launched a facebook Application called eBay Marketplace .  This is hot on the heals of their eBay to go application for listing products on blogs and other websites. This is clearly a no brainer for eBay as Facebook and other social media sites are expanding so rapidly.  The marketplace place app […] Read more – ‘eBay Facebook App’.
How to Use Facebook to Promote your Business and Blog
It would be difficult not to notice the staggering growth of Facebook over the last few months.  Facebook now has 31 million members across the globe and its growth has been so large that some people are talking of it as the new Microsoft. Where there are members there is the potential to acquire customers, […] Read more – ‘How to Use Facebook to Promote your Business and Blog’.