SEO and Magical Thinking
Confession: I used to think I was pretty good as SEO.  My site was getting about 600-800 unique visitors from Google every day, we built links, we published content, traffic went up.  Easy-pesi. That was two years ago.  Yesterday my site got about 151 unique visitors from Google and nothing I do seems to ebb […] Read more – ‘SEO and Magical Thinking’.
Getting Images into Google Image Search
Google image search represents a opportunity to build traffic through Google and is especially relevant to online retailing companies. When using images on a site, follow the following best practise to maximise the potential for image search inclusion: Use descriptive alt and title attribute tags for each image  Caption images using adjacent text for context […] Read more – ‘Getting Images into Google Image Search’.
Listing items on Google Product Search
I have had several people ask me how to get items into the Google Product search listings, so here is a quick guide. What is Google Product Search Google product search is Google’s shopping comparison.  Like other shopping comparison engines such as Shopping.com and kelkoo it displays a list of products based on a text […] Read more – ‘Listing items on Google Product Search’.
Writing a Search Engine Optimised Press Release
I have just written a press release for Vendlab and so I thought I would share some thoughts on writing press releases for SEO. Online press releases should follow the format of a traditional press release i.e. Title. This should be be short, less than 100 characters Summary. A synopsis of the story. Usually 2-3 […] Read more – ‘Writing a Search Engine Optimised Press Release’.
Interview with Matt Aird from Bizwiki
Following on from my post on local search the other day, Matt Aird from Bizwiki has kindly agreed to be interviewed for this blog. EEL:  here do you see the local search marketplace going? MA:  Give it another decade, and I think you will find the vast majority of local search done online, by any […] Read more – ‘Interview with Matt Aird from Bizwiki’.
Launching a Website
This post suggests initial steps to be taken when launching a site to ensure that the process of search engine indexing gets off to an early start.  These steps should be taken as soon as the domain has been purchased, whilst the site is in development. Step 1. Holding Page Google and the other major […] Read more – ‘Launching a Website’.
Analysing Websites
I have some across some interesting information recently about analysing the traffic going to competitor websites. Firstly, Andrew Girdwood wrote an interesting post on the eConsultancy website on the matter – Andrew is head of Search at Big Mouth Media, a leading SEO company so probably know what he is talking abou. Secondly, was just […] Read more – ‘Analysing Websites’.
Brief Guide to Search Engine Optimisation
Consumers are increasingly turning to search engines such as Google and Yahoo as a convenient and quick way of finding products and services. Fifty percent of online purchases start with an online search and the market is growing by 30% per year representing a huge opportunity to drive traffic to your website, increase sales and […] Read more – ‘Brief Guide to Search Engine Optimisation’.
SEO for eBay – Auction Bytes Article
This article recently appeared in auctionbytes newsletter. Despite 50% of online purchases being researched via a search engine, most eBay sellers ignore the potential of search engines to drive traffic to their listings. By optimizing your eBay presence your products could improve their rankings in the search results on major search engines and boost your […] Read more – ‘SEO for eBay – Auction Bytes Article’.
Search Engine Optimsation For eBay
Search engine optimisation for eBay has two purposes. Ensuring that your product for sale on eBay are found by the major search engines Promoting your brand through eBay. This article covers the ways in which eBay can be optimised for search engine inclusion Optimisting eBay Item Description Copy As with any webpage, keywords in the […] Read more – ‘Search Engine Optimsation For eBay’.
Optimising Google Maps Entries in the UK
I have recently placed our companies on Google Maps and I have made some interesting observations on how to optimise this service Optimising Keywords It would seem on Google Maps that their is no limit to how long the company name can be. It is therefore possible to add keywords to the title which will […] Read more – ‘Optimising Google Maps Entries in the UK’.
A Very Brief Guide to Search Engine Optimisation
Recently I been singing the virtues of search engine optimisation to anyone who will listen. To help explain matters I have written a short intro to the subject to explain the basic concepts Introduction Online search is growing massively with users increasingly relying on the main search engines, Google, Yahoo and MSN to find information […] Read more – ‘A Very Brief Guide to Search Engine Optimisation’.