Online Retail

Startup Advice for the Online Retailer
No matter what the industry, the startup business manager has a long list of issues, task, and goals (both short and long-term) to keep in mind. It can make for a daunting job. With a small budget and likely with no sales teams, legal consuls, or contract management systems at his disposal, the manager must work […] Read more – ‘Startup Advice for the Online Retailer’.
Interview with Export your store
  Export your store is an interesting new service which allows eBay sellers to quickly load their inventory into the Amazon marketplace.  Being both an eBay and an Amazon seller I know only too well: uploading inventory on multiple platforms is a real pain selling on Amazon has a massive potential for sales.  At Hello […] Read more – ‘Interview with Export your store’.
What’s wrong with online only retailers FFS?
Despite the fact that it is now 2011 and the internet has been in full swing for over 10 years, you would not think so dealing with some suppliers.  I frequently come up against the following problems: “Sorry but we don’t sell to online only retailers” “Sorry but we don’t allow our products to be […] Read more – ‘What’s wrong with online only retailers FFS?’.