Introducing Vendlab
Give product data the love it deserves My new venture Vendlab.com helps suppliers and retailers create and manage amazing product data.  As an online retailer for many years I know the difficulties that many retailers have getting quality data from suppliers and turning this into something useable.  Our services include: For Suppliers: A fully managed […] Read more – ‘Introducing Vendlab’.
Coming up with new ideas.
I’m currently trying to come up with some new business ideas.  Hello Baby is increasingly able to stand on its own two feet which is freeing up my time to work on new projects.  So many choices and only one Trev – what should I do? Big idea Every day in the news we hear […] Read more – ‘Coming up with new ideas.’.
On Performance
I’ve just finished reading Better – A surgeons notes on Performance by Atul Gawande.  This book discusses how better measurement and uniform application of currently known techniques could have a transformative effect on patient outcomes. In Gawande’s view it is the application of knowledge and not knowledge of medicine itself which can often make the difference between […] Read more – ‘On Performance’.
Tim Ferriss and multiplying parameters beyond necessity
Those of you who have had the pleasure of spending any quality time with me will probably have heard me mention the 4 hour work week by Tim Ferriss.  Like just about everyone, I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Mr Ferriss.  I think that (at least in his first book) about 50% […] Read more – ‘Tim Ferriss and multiplying parameters beyond necessity’.
Amazon repricing and the race to the bottom
Many Amazon sellers there days are using Amazon repricing, the practise of repricing offers so that they are the cheapest within max and min price limits.  What you sacrifice in margin you make up in volume, or so the theory goes. I have so far avoided this strategy (though I think we will succumb very soon) […] Read more – ‘Amazon repricing and the race to the bottom’.
SEO and Magical Thinking
Confession: I used to think I was pretty good as SEO.  My site was getting about 600-800 unique visitors from Google every day, we built links, we published content, traffic went up.  Easy-pesi. That was two years ago.  Yesterday my site got about 151 unique visitors from Google and nothing I do seems to ebb […] Read more – ‘SEO and Magical Thinking’.
Christoph Rieche on iwoca
Christoph Rieche is the CEO of iwoca, an innovate startup which provides working capital for online traders.  I bumped into him at Channel advisor catalyst and interviewed him about his business. Please tell us a bit your company.  How did you come up with the idea? iwoca is a financial startup lender dedicated to eBay […] Read more – ‘Christoph Rieche on iwoca’.
What is it with Amazon’s Design?
The more I look at the Amazon.co.uk website I more I get confused by its design.  I am not an usability expert, but the layout seems cluttered and I find the order they put the information confusing.  Presumably Amazon are not short of advice and expertise on how to build product pages which convert, so […] Read more – ‘What is it with Amazon’s Design?’.
How to find interns
We have been hosting European interns for the last few months and have found them a great asset to the business.  Here is a summary of what we have learned so far. UK vs. European interns We have had UK interns and we have had interns from the EU.  Sorry, fellow countrymen, but give me […] Read more – ‘How to find interns’.
Werner Herzog on dreams…..
I’ve recently been watching a lot of films by and about the German Film maker, Werner Herzog. He’s more than a bit krazee but I find him quite inspiring. Dreams can be a burden Burden of Dreams covers the filming of one of Herzog’s most famous films, Fizcarraldo.  The film was created under enormously difficult circumstances, […] Read more – ‘Werner Herzog on dreams…..’.
Machiavelli’s Relevance to the Euro Crisis
One of my favourite books is the Prince by Niccolò Machiavelli.  In case you haven’t read it, the Prince is a brilliant guide to how a leader should behave in order to hold and expand their power.  Whilst the book was written with the 16th Century Italian Prince in mind, its lessons are much more […] Read more – ‘Machiavelli’s Relevance to the Euro Crisis’.
The perils of international trade
At Hello Baby we have recently started selling on several international marketplaces (Amazon.fr and de, eBay.fr and de).  Overall this has been a success, though we almost got kicked off Amazon.fr the other day.  Here are my thoughts having gone through the process Increase sales without reducing prices Increasing our international exposure has allowed us […] Read more – ‘The perils of international trade’.
The future of the high street
The relationship between the online and off line retail is frequently uncomfortable.   As an online retailer I have witnessed a backlash recently against internet businesses with several brands refusing to deal with me.  This got me thinking about the future of retail and our high streets.  Here are my thoughts, in no particular order. […] Read more – ‘The future of the high street’.
In praise of Letraset
When I was sitting in a particularly tedious presentation the other day involving far too many PowerPoint slides, I found myself reminiscing about my father creating diagrams for presentations using Letraset and then photographing the diagrams to create slides.  This, as you might imagine, was a real pain and so presentations tended to have far […] Read more – ‘In praise of Letraset’.
What’s wrong with online only retailers FFS?
Despite the fact that it is now 2011 and the internet has been in full swing for over 10 years, you would not think so dealing with some suppliers.  I frequently come up against the following problems: “Sorry but we don’t sell to online only retailers” “Sorry but we don’t allow our products to be […] Read more – ‘What’s wrong with online only retailers FFS?’.