Amazon: Are we creating a monster?
This week’s excitement was Hello Baby‘s Amazon.fr account being suspended as our order defect rate slightly exceeded Amazon’s 1% ‘target’*.  We got a warning email (which contained no specific dates on when our account might be suspended) and then without so much as a by your leave, our account was suspended and I have no […] Read more – ‘Amazon: Are we creating a monster?’.
The perils of international trade
At Hello Baby we have recently started selling on several international marketplaces (Amazon.fr and de, eBay.fr and de).  Overall this has been a success, though we almost got kicked off Amazon.fr the other day.  Here are my thoughts having gone through the process Increase sales without reducing prices Increasing our international exposure has allowed us […] Read more – ‘The perils of international trade’.
Interview with Export your store
  Export your store is an interesting new service which allows eBay sellers to quickly load their inventory into the Amazon marketplace.  Being both an eBay and an Amazon seller I know only too well: uploading inventory on multiple platforms is a real pain selling on Amazon has a massive potential for sales.  At Hello […] Read more – ‘Interview with Export your store’.
Make better Purchasing Decisions with Marketplace Data
Deciding what products to sell online can sometimes feel like a stab in the dark.  Sellers not only have to make strategic decisions about the categories of product they wish to stock but also have the time consuming task of selecting individual product to purchase from a almost endless selection.  Broad sweeping marketplace data, dealing […] Read more – ‘Make better Purchasing Decisions with Marketplace Data’.
Thoughts on Amazon Seller Central
Hello Baby has been selling on Amazon through seller central for a few months now and I thought I would share some findings. Postage The postage functionality on seller central is limited as postage is set by rule and not on a per item basis.  Postage rules can be created in two ways By weight. […] Read more – ‘Thoughts on Amazon Seller Central’.